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5k Scheme
10k Scheme
15k Scheme
20k Scheme
30k Scheme
40k Scheme


High-end finishes and furnishings, with feature joinery to create a bespoke aesthetic.

Partitions are typically double glazed with allowance for framed glass doors and include for a high level of acoustic privacy.

Individual HVAC control to all cellular spaces and feature lighting to meeting rooms and key open plan areas.


A blended design scheme, incorporating a more enhanced design aesthetic than the bronze scheme, with higher end finishes incorporated.
Elements of bespoke joinery are included.

A more enhanced acoustic privacy is allowed for with typically single glazed acoustic glazing being allowed for.

HVAC control and feature lighting to key meeting rooms and Boardroom.


Very much a “white box” scheme, with off the shelf finishes and minimal design aesthetic. 

Basic partitioning systems to include single glazed partitions with laminate doors. 

Joinery elements limited to off the shelf storewall and reception desk.

No individual HVAC design and minimal feature lighting.


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