Expertise we cover
  • Workplace Consultancy – Space Utilisation Analysis
  • Support of Property Search and Viability
  • Space Planning / Brief Development
  • Lease Negotiation Support
  • Initial Budgetary Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Selection of Procuremet Route
  • A clear, informed decision about your office relocation, supported by actual measurable data
  • Assistance in maximising : space utilisation, productivity, morale, staff retention and attraction
  • Finding the right building for your team – based on real data
  • A space plan and fit-out brief that supports the activities in your business and not just the headcount
  • A lease that supports your current and future business activities
  • Certainty regarding the budget required to achieve your objectives
  • Guaranteed business continuity through the entire process
  • A procurement route which meets your particular project objectives; be it speed, value for money or transparency.
Our Project Blueprint will help you to find better quality answers to some of the most fundamental questions, such as:
  • What should we do? 
  • Where should we go?
  • How much will it cost?  
  • Who should I work with? 
  • How do I ensure I get best value? 
  • What are the risks?
  • How can I guarantee no business disruption?
The decisions around relocating your office (or not,) will be some of the most financially impactful that you will make. The degree to which you get this right, will impact your business by tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.
If you'd like to work with a like-minded team, get in touch.

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