Expertise we cover
  • Space selection based on function and aspirations, not head count and ‘rule of thumb’.
  • Set the scene- giving you a Blueprint of how to deliver the best space for your staff.
  • Use our experience to qualify all key decisions you and others will make on your project.
  • Select a preferred construction partner who will deliver the space you desire
  • Be with you for all of the journey. We want to be part of your business until we handover the project to you.
  • Always there for the handover. The most important time is before the ribbon is cut. We will be there until 11pm on the Sunday evening if needed.
  • Dedicated PM - we will not under resource our services. ERA is about providing a service that ensures a great result.
  • We know the industry and bring the right fit people and businesses with you on the journey.
  • We make decisions with your interest at the core of what we do. We act like we are part of your company and want the best for your employees.
  • Pragmatic and can do attitude, balanced with a risk-averse approach.
  • Ensure sufficient time is given to the front end - experience tells us that without a clear and thought through Blueprint, you will invariably spend more time and money at the "back end"
  • Make sure the correct informed decisions are made early. Change costs you more money the further you progress!
You will have a dedicated and effectively resourced project manager that is fully committed to your project.
We are an extension to your business and we embrace your challenges as if they were our own.

We are the fulcrum to your new space being delivered successfully. We are not simply process driven, but rather motivated to achieve a positive result for our clients.

Up to 70% of a project's cost is spent on human capital - i.e. people time - so our project management expertise is aimed at ensuring that you get what you've paid for.

If you'd like to work with a like-minded team, get in touch.

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